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Secondary Education Services

Funding Sources

  • USDE/Migrant Education (through Maryland and Florida SEDs)

  • USDE School Dropout Demonstration Program

  • NYSED/Migrant Education

  • Other State Migrant Education Programs

The school dropout rate among migrant youth has historically been alarmingly high. Their labor is important for family income. They may become parents themselves at a young age. Migrants move in and out of school districts and across state lines, making for discontinuity in learning and problems with records transfer. Farmworker youth may feel marginalized in comparison with their more affluent, more settled classmates.

In the Center's early years, a Teen-Age In-Camp Program organized evening classes and recreational activities for migrant youth who had to work during the day. Since then, a number of Center initiatives have addressed secondary school retention (dropout prevention) and reconnection to schools or vocational education programs for out-of-school youth.

Some programs have provided direct services to young migrants. Others have had impact on youth across the nation through research on factors in school success and retention, training models, and educational resource product development.

Between 1977 and 1995 the Migrant Dropout Reconnection program (MDRP) offered dropout youth across the country a toll-free hotline and bilingual newsletter (Real Talk) to help them link up with educational programs and other services. ESTRELLA (Encouraging Students through Technology to Reach High Expectations in Learning, Lifeskills, and Achievement) assists migrant students in meeting high academic standards through technology. The Center is a Prime Partner for the project, with lead responsibilities for its Cyber Mentor component.

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