Geneseo Migrant Center and National PASS Center

The Experiential Literacy Kit: Dinomania! Explores the prehistoric world of dinosaurs through a series of lessons designed for parents and children to talk and learn while playing together. The Even Start components of Parent Education and Early Childhood Education are integrated with Interactive Literacy Activities into four sets of dinosaur related lessons. Each lesson identifies which skills are being taught/reinforced, provides activities to support skill development, and includes a list of supplies and/or books needed for the lesson.

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Dinomania! was designed to be used in migrant homes during weekly PROMES, a New York State Migrant Even Start Family Literacy instructional visits. Kits were developed after an analysis of Parent Education outcomes revealed that parents were not making as much progress as expected in supporting their children’s learning at home. Many parents did not understand that playing with their children at home was essential to their children’s language development. As a result they often limited play with their children or did not engage in it. Combining the research of Vygotsky and Hart and Risley, Dinomania! offers migrant parents the tools they need to build their children’s vocabulary while playing and creating with them.

Synopses of the referenced research may be found in the following documents: