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Life Skills Lessons

Life Skills Lessons are designed to be used with teens, out-of-school youth, and adults. Life Skills Lessons consist of bilingual instructional packets that include teaching plans, an introductory lesson, guided practice, useful vocabulary, practice dialogues, and pre/post tests. The Life Skill Lesson non-sequential format lends itself to the limited time and intermittent attendance of the students. The materials developed by the National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc., in collaborative partnership with the Geneseo Migrant Center through funding from the Strategies, Opportunities, and Services to Out-of-School Youth (SOSOSY) Migrant Education Program Consortium Incentive Grant, are offered here without restriction.

For Your Health/Para Tu Salud lessons are intended/designed/provided to increase the health knowledge of migrant farmworkers through information about prevalent health concerns.

Legal Rights/Derechos Legales lessons are intended/designed/provided to increase the knowledge of migrant farmworkers regarding basic legal rights in the United States.

Parenting/Ser Padres lessons are intended/designed/provided to increase the knowledge of those who are about to be parents or who are parents regarding the responsibilities of starting and nurturing a family.

A Healthy House/Un Hogar Sano lessons are intended/designed/provided to increase the awareness and knowledge of those maintaining a household regarding cleanliness and safety.

Mental Health/Salud Mental lessons are intended/designed/provided to increase the mental health knowledge of migrant farmworkers through information about prevalent mental health concerns.

Write On! has been developed to encourage writing in practical and positive applications while supporting creativity. The intended audience is out-of-school youth looking to strengthen their writing skills for personal growth, as well as anyone considering entering a high school equivalency preparation program. The fifteen (15) lessons are non-sequential and written at an accessible reading level. A student works semi-independently on each lesson with the assistance or oversight of a mentor. The lessons are designed to be completed in approximately 45 minutes. Each lesson addresses at least two concepts of the Six Trait Writing model. Each lesson also meets various standards of the Common Core Curriculum ELA Writing benchmarks.

FYIF.Y.I. Bilingual Sheets provide concise information on a variety of life skills and/or survival guidelines. Health, employment, legal rights, and other topical areas are addressed. The information was revised with permission from the Farworker Law Project of New York State. The original material was included in the Harvest Calendar 2011/2012 Calendario Cosechero.

Math for LivingMath for Living / Matemáticas para la Vida - Ten stand-alone lessons in English and Spanish are designed to improve financial literacy and life skills with examples, practice problems, and vocabulary relating to work, smart shopping, and budgets, as well as information on obtaining the resources for college. Created for use in the MASTERS (Mathematics Achievement and Success Through Engagement in Resources for Migrant Students) Consortium Incentive Grant project, the lessons are non-sequential and written at a middle school reading level. Activities reinforce basic math skills while teaching practical concepts that apply to both everyday life and successful careers.

TAKSThe TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) Exit Level Math Review Lessons have been developed through the Mathematics Achievement = Success (MAS) Consortium Incentive Grant. The successful completion of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) Exit Level Exam is required of every Texas high school student in order to receive a diploma. Preparing for this assessment - a comprehensive examination of algebra, geometry, measurement, probability, and statistics - can be overwhelming for students. The test challenges students to synthesize knowledge of mathematical techniques with non-routine word problems. The writers of this product have addressed these areas of difficulty with a preparation guide that is both approachable and in-depth. Materials are written at the appropriate reading level of the intended audience, and the lessons balance instruction with the problem-solving and test-taking strategies needed, to solve typical TAKS questions. While the lessons are geared specifically for TAKS preparation, the concepts and instructional strategies are appropriate for any student preparing for exit level examinations or higher level mathematics final course assessments.

Reading On the Move is a series of stand-alone lessons, written at a 3rd – 5th grade reading level, geared toward out-of-school youth (adult oriented) to introduce or strengthen basic reading skills. Activities throughout the lessons emphasize proven, research-based, teaching strategies, including active student involvement, consideration of the student’s background, establishment of a relationship between the author and the student, linkage of reading and writing skills, and presentation of vocabulary in context. Also included in the lessons are basic study skills and practice using reference materials. An assessment, which may be used to measure student mastery of the content, is provided for each lesson.

Math On the MoveMath On the Move (English & Spanish) is a series of lessons geared to out-of-school youth (adult oriented) to introduce or strengthen basic mathematical skills prior to their even entering a GED preparation course or self-study program. MOM consists of 24 lessons, in either English or Spanish, which are designed to be used as stand-alone segments to address a particular skill area, although each builds upon assumed knowledge addressed in prior lessons. These materials are not copyrighted, so please feel free to duplicate them as deemed appropriate.

Looking for a Job Sheets is a series of bilingual sheets designed to assist a youth in obtaining and keeping a job. Included are vital basics such as: approaches to job-hunting and employers, filling out applications, identifying work qualities/skills, interviewing skills, contacting references, writing a resume, and keeping a job.

Taming thde TV MonsterTaming the TV Monster is a workshop/lesson designed to provide migrant farmworker parents, guardians, and other caregivers with the information necessary to determine how much television viewing and what kind of television programming is appropriate for their children, to understand the pros and cons of children watching television, and to learn how to monitor and manage television viewing in their home.

DinomaniaThe Experiential Literacy Kit: Dinomania! Explores the prehistoric world of dinosaurs through a series of lessons designed for parents and children to talk and learn while playing together. The Even Start components of Parent Education and Early Childhood Education are integrated with Interactive Literacy Activities into four sets of dinosaur related lessons. Each lesson identifies which skills are being taught/reinforced (PEP, PLS or Parenting), provides activities to support skill development, and includes a list of supplies and/or books needed for the lesson.

FinanzaThe Finanza Toolbox is designed to increase the financial knowledge of migrant farmworkers through introduction to eight financial education topics and useful money management practices. Developed for use with children, teens, out-of-school youth and adults, Finanza provides an instructional package that includes bilingual lesson topics, teaching plans, student surveys, and practice activities. The mini-lesson, non-sequential format is particularly adaptable for instructional needs when time is limited or attendance is intermittent. As a product supported by a grant from the New York State Banking Department, the Finanza Toolbox materials are reproducible.

Pocket Prompts

Pocket Prompts are sheets provide four cards per page which are designed to be printed on card stock, then cut, punched with a hole in each top left corner, and placed on a loose ring for easy carrying in a back pocket or purse and flipping from card to card as desired.

Family Literacy Guided Lessons – A series of lessons based on forty-eight (30) titles of children’s literature provides activities incorporating the EVEN START core components (Early Childhood Education, Parenting Education, Adult Education and Parents and Children Interacting Together).  The lessons are based on scientifically developed reading research, provide language and literacy connections, and are correlated with state learning standards and the PLS4 sub-scales.  A unique component is the inclusion of script for the educator’s voice.

Bilingual Clip SheetsLimited English proficiency profoundly hinders survival skills on many levels including awareness of and competing for adequate paying jobs, securing health and other services, finding housing, improving living standards and communicating in daily life.  To address this need, the Center developed a series of bilingual “Clip Sheets.” The information included on the sheets has been updated in a new series of fifty (50) bilingual Clip Sheets that are now available for dissemination.  The sheets include the following topical areas:  Careers, Opportunities, Health, Looking for a Job and Survival Skills.

Success in Secondary School and Access to Postsecondary Education for Migrant Students - Over 300 migrant educators from 24 states participated in panels, workshops, breakout sessions, and discussion groups over a three year period to identify, prioritize and offer solutions to the challenges faced by migrant youth. Six keys areas are addressed in this informative policy brief that outlines strategic federal, state, and local efforts that could greatly improve the national migrant student graduation rate. (pdf File - 17.2 Megs)

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