Geneseo Migrant Center and National PASS Center

Robert Apicella
Good Samaritan Migrant Scholarship

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The deadline for this scholarship is annually by April 1st

The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize a migrant farmworker senior high school student from New York State needing post-secondary scholarship assistance who has demonstrated a caring and giving attitude toward another individual or community with a $500 scholarship.

For additional information on the Fund, please e-mail, phone, or write:

Chris Norton, Director
Phone: 800-245-5681
Mail to:
Robert Apicella Scholarship Committee
Geneseo Migrant Center
3 Mt. Morris-Leicester Road
Leicester, NY 14481

Geneseo Migrant Center, 3 Mt. Morris-Leicester Road, Leicester, NY 14481
(585) 658-7960 - (800) 245-5681