Scope & Sequence of
Courses and Materials

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Complete Publication
Front Cover
Inside Front Cover
Title Page
Table of Contents
What is PASS?
PASS and Academic Learning Standards
Language Arts
English I A & B
English II A & B
English III A & B
English IV A & B
Creative Writing
Learning English Through Literature
Language Arts 6A
Language Arts 7/8 A & B
Preparing for College
Generic Novel
Reading on the Move
Write On
Style and Usage Guide
Algebra I A & B (English & Spanish)
Algebra II A & B
Algebra/Geometry Tutor Guide
Geometry A & B
Math A (New York State)
Math 6 A & B
Math 7 A & B
Math 8 A & B
Math on the Move (English and Spanish)
Personal Finance (English & Spanish)
Integrated Math Concepts (English & Spanish)
Math for Living (English and Spanish)
Math Internet Resources
Technology Enhancement Guide
TAKS - Math Exit Exam Review Lessons
Biology A & B
Bilingual English/Spanish Glossary of Biology Terms
Environmental Science A & B
Social Studies
Global History and Geography
U.S. Government (English & Spanish)
U.S. History A & B
History of the United States A & B - Middle School
World Geography
World Geography A & B
World History A & B
Career Connections (English & Spanish)
Study Skills
Your Health (English & Spanish)
Academic and Career Readiness Skills (ACReS)
Mini Lessons (English & Spanish)