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Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs - Features the history of the AFOP, its agenda for tomorrow, and details about the Farmworker Advocates Network (FAN) and the Children in the Fields campaign. Users can learn about the farmworkers, access a publications list and obtain information about member organizations across the country using a clickable map.
Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) - provides history of the organization, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and listings of farmworker advocacy organizations. Lead by Baldemar Velasquez.
Farmworker Justice Fund, Washington, D.C. - view photos by photojournalist Earl Dotter, legislative updates and information on safety and health.
Illinois Migrant Council - A community-based non-profit organization with the primary mission of promoting employment, educational and other opportunities for migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFW) and their families to achieve economic self-sufficiency and stability.
New York State Department of Labor - This site provides information about the labor laws in New York State, including coverage of farmworkers and children.
Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Information Exchange - This forum, developed by the Idaho Department of Labor, offers information for those seeking to improve services to the Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker population by providing links to a variety of services, resources and opportunities.
Proteus, Inc. of California - An ever-changing organization created to provide exceptional education, employment, training, and other services to the diverse population of Tulare, Kings, Fresno, and Kern counties. Founded in 1967, Proteus has become a leader at improving the quality of life of valley farmworkers and other special need populations; all the while, providing local employers with a well-trained pool of applicants.
Proteus, Inc. of Iowa and South Dakota - Contains information about the organization, its operations and its programs. Visitors to the site can learn about farmworkers in Iowa and obtain contact information about Proteus's field offices.
Rural Employment Opportunities - Concise, informative site that contains details about the organization's many programs. It also features a profile of Montana's farmworkers and a number of hot links to sites related to employment and training and farmworkers.
Rural Opportunities, Inc. - Creates and provides opportunities for farmworkers and other disenfranchised people to confront and overcome barriers that systematically prevent them from gaining access to economic, educational, social and political resources.
Telamon Corporation - This site chronicles Telamon's history since 1965 and describes the organization's programs. It features a clickable U.S. Map highlighting the states served by Telamon and provides contact information.
United Farm Workers - This comprehensive site includes recent press releases and news articles, details about the campaign for strawberry workers' rights and historical information about César Chávez and the farmworker labor movement. A lengthy list of hotlinks is included.