Adventures of Connie and Diego, The/Las aventuras de Connie y DiegoThe Adventures of Connie and Diego: Las aventuras de Connie y Diego by Maria Garcia
Illustrator: Malaquias Montoya
ISBN: 0892391243
Published by Children's Book Press on 1994
Genres: Young Adult, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Country & Ethnic, Social Themes, Prejudice & Racism, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance
Pages: 23
Format: Paperback

Tired of being teased because they were born with different colors all over their bodies, Connie and Diego leave the Land of Plenty. They journey through a forest and meet a big brown bear. "You can't live with us," growls the bear. Then they reach the ocean and beg the mother whale to take them into her family. "Impossible," she says. A swooping eagle loves their beautiful colors and invites them to fly home with her. But alas, they cannot fly. Finally, the tired children stumble through a scary jungle where a wise tiger helps them understand that their home is with human beings.