Against the Odds: Memoirs of A Migrant WorkerAgainst the Odds: Memoirs of A Migrant Worker by Celia Castillo
ISBN: 9781462886357
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 2011
Genres: Biography & Autobiography, General
Pages: 93
Format: Hardcover

AGAINST THE ODDS underscores a powerhouse of obstacles, diffi culties and struggles of an uprooted family life from a quiet simple farm life to a humble nomad-like existence as a result of the Great Depression. In addition to a low economy, prejudice, racism and bigotry made it much more diffi cult to survive and succeed in an adaptive way of life; a life which became a two-fold process. One side consisted of constant moving from fi eld to fi eld searching for work. The second phase consisted of trying to keep up with school work and formal education in limited or short sessions. Both phases offered learning opportunities in that migrating offered vital educational experiences while formal education reinforced a different type of discipline. The different types of experiences complemented each other and allowed paramount importance if handled effectively for eventual success.