Nosotros: The Hispanic People of OregonNosotros: the Hispanic People of Oregon: Essays and Recollections by Erasmo Gamboa, Carolyn M. Buan
ISBN: 1880377012
Published by Oregon Council for the Humanities on 1995
Genres: History, United States, State & Local, General, Social Science
Pages: 160
Format: Paperback

"Nosotros" offers a variety of perspectives on Oregon's multifaceted Hispanic community. First published in 1995, it remains a valuable resource, containing essays by a host of writers, whose topics range from Spanish explorers and "vaqueros" to analyses of modern government policy, form explanations of traditional cultural celebrations to examinations of works by exciting new artists, from accounts of migrant camp life to success stories about the state's hispanic entrepreneurs. "Nosotros" also features a special collection of personal narratives, gathered during a two-year, statewide oral history project. From this rich blend of essay and story emerges a picture of a community with deep roots and a promising future in Oregon.