Resiliency and Success: Migrant Children in the U.S.Resiliency and Success: Migrant Children in the U.S. by Encarnacion Garza, Enrique T. Trueba, Pedro Reyes
ISBN: 1594510458
Published by Paradigm Publishers on 2004
Genres: Social Science, Sociology, General
Pages: 172
Format: Paperback

This book elucidates the amazing life journeys of academically successful migrant students. Offering vivid case studies of successful students, this book helps teachers, education students, and researchers understand the factors that lead to success by minority language children. The authors develop the lessons of student success stories into recommendations for schools and for educational policy. Readers gain from this book the stories of real students, the challenges they faced, and the means by which students and schools may overcome language and cultural barriers to educational success.