Literacy con Carino: A Story of Migrant Children’s SuccessLiteracy Con Cariño: A Story of Migrant Children's Success by Curtis W. Hayes, Robert Bahruth, Carolyn Kessler
ISBN: 0325000077
Published by Heinemann on 1998
Genres: Education, Bilingual Education, Multicultural Education, Student Life & Student Affairs, Language Arts & Disciplines, Literacy
Pages: 162
Format: Paperback

When first published in 1991, Literacy con carino introduced us to a group of bilingual students who, although seemingly doomed to failure, ultimately succeeded because they were encouraged to believe they could. By putting traditional schooling under a microscope, by shifting away from harmful teaching practices, by setting forth on a journey of culturally and developmentally appropriate pedagogy, the authors dispelled the myth that the learner is to blame whenever learning doesn't take place.
While the authors' work continues to be guided by the same theoretical and philosophical motivations, in this new edition they offer new critical insight into the process of second language acquisition. Centering their arguments more closely on the work of Paulo Freire, who coauthored the new foreword, they reemphasize their belief that the path to literacy is through a child's first language. They also reinforce the necessity for teachers to create a learning environment that builds on the knowledge and experiences each child brings to the classroom.