Migrant Education: A Reference HandbookMigrant Education: A Reference Handbook by Judith A. Gouwens
ISBN: 1576073386
Published by ABC-CLIO on 2001
Genres: Education, Multicultural Education, Reference
Pages: 228
Format: Hardcover

The reference source on contemporary American education, with jargon-free analysis of controversial topics and on-going debates. The little red schoolhouse is no more. Today, sophisticated educational methods and fractious debate reflect an educational system as big and diverse as America itself. Contemporary Education Issues provides the much-need perspective to make sense of an educational system as big and diverse and dynamic as America itself. Tackling topics from teacher training to special education, the series covers classroom, courthouse, and Congress with balanced perspective and thorough, no-holds-barred analyses that make sense of American education from preschool to college. No other reference set on the subject offers so much, whether for the student looking into a topic for the first time or the seasoned scholar looking for research resources.