The Endless Quest: Helping America’s Farm WorkersThe Endless Quest: Helping America's Farm Workers ISBN: 0813317681
Published by Westview Press on 1994
Genres: Technology & Engineering, Agriculture, General, Business & Economics, Political Science, Labor & Industrial Relations
Pages: 258
Format: Paperback

The United States spends over $600 million a year on programs for farm workers to help them survive the hardships that come with agricultural employment. Tracing the development of these programs from their roots in the 1960s, this study shows how they operate and explains why they fall short of remedying the problems they were designed to solve.
The authors argue that it makes more sense to reform the farm labor market itself than to develop special programs to reduce poverty among farm workers, and they suggest ways to better coordinate existing programs to maximize their effectiveness. Government must define exactly who it is trying to help, assess the problems more realistically, and measure program successes more accurately.
Agricultural and development economists, rural sociologists, and policymakers will find this book provacative and necessary reading.
~ Philip L. Martin is professor of agricultural economics at the University of California-Davis. David A. Martin is the Henry L. & Grace Doherty Professor of Law at the University of Virginia.