Tomato BoyTomato Boy by Mariana Prieto
Illustrator: Lee Smith
Published by John Day Company on 1967
Pages: 48
Format: Hardcover

Davey wants a new red shirt to wear at the school show. He is going to play "goombay" music (African Bahamian) on the drums. He finds himself a job selling tomatoes from house to house in Miami. Paco, his friend from Puerto Rico, needs shoes so that he can dance in the show but his parents are migrant workers and cannaot afford to buy the shoes. Davey realizes that soon Paco will be gone and he may never see him again so he buys his friend a pair of shoes knowing that he won't have enough money left over for his shirt. But the next day when he is out selling tomatoes, Maximilian, a Siamese cat, crosses his path bringing him a sudden adventure which has a happy reward, and very soon the "goombay" music is ringing in everyone's ears!