Educating Migrant Children by Dr. Gloria Mattera and others
Published by The University of the State of New York on 1968
Genres: Agricultural laborers, Agriculture, Agriculture & Food, Children of migrant laborers, Education, Labor, Migrant agricultural laborers, Migrant children, Migrant labor
Pages: 80
Format: Paperback

This publication has been prepared by the Curriculum Development Center in cooperation with the Bureau of Migrant Education. It should serve as an additional valuable resource for school districts operating or developing migrant education programs. Ted B. Barton, formerly an associate in the Bureau of Elementary Curriculum Development, served as a general coordinator for this project.

The material presented here was prepared by a writing team composed of Dr. Gloria Mattera, professor of education, at the State University College in Geneseo; Arthur Rood, elementary principal in the Levenworth Central School; Arland White, curriculum coordinator in the Sodus Central School; Fred Durbin, elementary principal, in the North Rose Central School; Virginia Johnson, elementary teacher in the Wolcott Central School, and Cassandra Stockburger, director, National Committee on the Education of Migrant Children. All materials were reviewed by Patrick F. Hogan, associate, Bureau of Migrant Education.

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