Knowing and Teaching the Migrant ChildKnowing and Teaching the Migrant Child by Elizabeth Sutton
ISBN: LCCN: 6016936
Published by Department of Rural Education of the National Education Association on 1960
Genres: Children of migrant laborers, Children's Welfare and Education, Education, Migrant agricultural laborers, Migrant children, Migrant education
Pages: 147
Format: Hardcover

The American goal of an adequate opportunity for each child to receive an education commensurate with his capabilities is an ideal more nearly achieved in some sections of our society than in others. One group for which this goal remains remote are children whose parents move about the country performing seasonal work in industrial agriculture. The movement are agricultural workers and the educational problems created are not limited to any one area, and are of concern throughout the country. This book, while aimed at public school personnel--teachers, principals, superintendents and administration--and institutions wherein teachers are trained, it should also prove useful to national, regional, and local agencies, organizations and groups who work for the improvement in the lives of migrant farm workers and their families.